The virtual and actual exhibit has been live for a month nowand the actual exhibit at the Cedar City Public Library.
Valley of a thousand rainbows
   The exhibit has gotten good reviews from the visitors.Social networks have been very effective in marketing the exhibit.I've learned a lot from what I've designed for my first virtual multi-platform exhibit.      The potential for reaching a much larger audience with a virtual exhibit is much larger than with just a brick and mortar gallery show, and for the foreseeable future the best way to exhibit art work.It's also nice to have the art available on internet internet platforms like Fine Art America where patrons can order the images in many different forms - popular these days....Onward
Good News The virtual show  "Valley of a Thousand Rainbows" is live:   Valley of a thousand rainbows
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Virtual exhibit September to October 2020
A wonderful bank of developing thunderheads passed by me yesterday as
I sat just south of Cedar Breaks on a high spot on the plateau.

It was a breathtaking afternoon of watching them pass like water in the ocean,
 and the light was just right.

It's looks as though I will be having a one person exhibit at the Cedar City Public library but it will be virtual and on the internet,
with no reception.

There will be several framed photographs at the library and a extensive internet computer display of images from the last few years on a touch screen display in the library at least that's the plan for the moment. Stay tuned for the link to the show =Peter=

Water studies Freemont river Utah 2020 ~enjoy~

On solitudeing 

Happy New Year 2020 Upper Mammoth Creek