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It was a interesting fall on the Zion plateau. On the first day of fall I was working at the Kolob market & fly shop. I spent a lot of time near the market - it is kinda the center of the top of the Zion plateau.  I took the opportunity make a self portrait of myself - something I rarely do : The fishing at the resevoir was good, I caught a lunker rainbow trout early in the morning on a soggy dry misquito fly with a 3lb tippit - he was a old man and didn't put up much of a fight, he was yummy and fed four filleted out. then they drained the lake, because of invasive fish from folks fishing with the wrong live bait. Hopefully with some snow this winter it will return: As fall settled in early the Aspens turned a wonderful gold color.  I made a image of them reflected in the lake early one morning. ~Enjoy~